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Vrnik beaches
Vrnik is a small island off the bigger Korčula island in the Adriatic Sea. Vrnik has only a handful of houses and remnants from its past as a quarry for stones. There are two restaurants, but no shops, and no services. But it has great, clean, beautiful waters. The beaches are rocky but it is a pleasure to swim in them.
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July 2022, Vrnik Beach, Vrnik, Korcula, Croatia; Vrnik shore, Vrnik, Korcula, Croatia
Swimming (Water, Waterbody-Sea, Beach); Swimming (Water, Waterbody-Sea, Nature);

More of the same pool in a plain hotel in no particular place
Hampton Inn... a good but not remarkable hotel... New Jersey... nice state but not remarkable... South Plainfield... newer heard, but ok and again not remarkable. A plain hotel in Plainfield?
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July 2022, Hampton Inn South Plainfield-Piscataway, South Plainfield, New Jersey, USA
Swimming (Outdoor, Waterbody-Pool, Water)

Korcula wall swim
Korcula is a wonderful historic town (on the island of Korcula :-) ) And there's a wonderful swimmable beach ... rocks just outside the east city wall, under the restaurant walking path. You'll be under pine trees, on rocks, with some steps leading to clear water.. can't get much better than this!
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July 2022, Korcula wall beach, Korcula, Croatia
Swimming (Water, Waterbody-Sea, Beach)

Ski, sail, sauna, and swim
A fun day, starting with emergency skiing 🎿 the quickly disappearing snow on my local hill at 6am, continued with sailing ⛵️to Suomenlinna on Markus’ boat - thanks! From then on the company picnic day was just starting 🙂 Lot more fun followed, e.g., a sauna 🧖‍♂️ and swim 🏊‍♂️ in the Suomenlinna boat harbor.
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June 2022, Kauniainen ski hill, Kauniainen, Finland; Suomenlinnan vierasvenesatama, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland; Cafe Bar Valimo, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland
Skiing (Outdoor, Snow, Lifts); Sailing; Sauna (Normal); Swimming (Water, Outdoor, Waterbody-Sea)

First time in a swimming hall since the pandemic started
I have not gone to public swimming pools before this. Now I did, as I was returning from the great skiing in Vihti, and needed to be fresh before going to the office. Good time to visit, though, 10am-ish, with the morning people already gone and pretty much no one else around.
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May 2022, Kirkkonummen uimahalli, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Swimming (Water, Indoor, Waterbody-Pool)

First cottage swim of 2022
Lame, but I did not swim in spring 2022 until May 28... but it was good, even if a bit cold still. Brr... but the sunsets and blueberry bushes were spectacular!
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May 2022, Arkko summer cottage, Teisko, Finland
Swimming (Water, Outdoor, Waterbody-Lake); Sauna (Normal)

Instagram vs. reality
I've made many trips to the summer cottage this year. It is always wonderful views. And usually great swimming. But now the waters are too cold, and I seem to spending most of my time under the building, trying to block holes that the mice use to come in. Lots of fun, but not really beautiful pictures.
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September 2021, Arkko summer cottage, Teisko, Finland
Swimming (None)

Adler Inn Saunas
While skiing in Hintertux, I stayed across the street from the Adler Inn, and was lucky to be able to visit their saunas and spa as well. What a wonderful experience!
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August 2021, Adler Inn, Madseit, Hintertux, Austria
Sauna (Normal, Steam); Swimming (Water, Waterbody-Pool, Indoor, Outdoor)

South beaches on Vis
I had an opportunity to visit the Zaglav, Milna, Zenka beaches while on the island of Vis in Croatia for a few days.
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August 2021, Zaglav, Vis, Croatia; Zenka, Vis, Croatia; Milna, Vis, Croatia
Swimming (Water, Waterbody-Sea, Beach)

Desperately seeking Sus... beach without blue-green algae
Lauttasaari, such a nice place. They even have a backup beach on the other side if the one beach is covered by slimy algae!
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July 2021, Veijarivuoren uimaranta, Helsinki, Finland; Särkiniemi harbour beach, Helsinki, Finland
Swimming (None); Swimming (Water, Beach, Waterbody-Sea)

Another two new lakes -swimming day
Yet another day with not just one but two new lakes to swim at!
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July 2021, Karskogin uimaranta, Kirkkonummi, Finland; Storträskin uimaranta, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Swimming (Water, Outdoor, Waterbody-Lake, Beach)

Haimoon maauimala
It is good to jump into refreshing water after a long hike and cave crawl! Haimoon Maauimala to the rescue :-)
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July 2021, Haimoon Maauimala, Vihti, Finland
Swimming (Water, Waterbody-Lake, Beach)

Puotila beach by the subway
Today I had an opportunity to be in eastern Helsinki, and chose to stop by another new beach, at the Puotilan uimaranta (Puotila Beach). It is right by subway line and therefore easily accessible.
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July 2021, Puotilan uimaranta, Helsinki, Finland
Swimming (Beach, Water, Waterbody-Sea)

Westend algae dip
Today's exercise was to visit a beach in Westend, Espoo, where I had not been to before. Unfortunately, the beach was marked as having blue-green algae, and it also looked unpleasantly slimy. But then it turned out that there is a small rocky peninsula, and a pier on it. The water there was a bit more cleaner looking. So I was able to swim!
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July 2021, Westendin uimaranta, Espoo, Finland
Swimming (Water, Waterbody-Sea, Beach)

Long lake swim
First time swimming in Nuuksio's Pitkäjärvi (Nuuksio Long Lake)! There isn't really an official beach, but there is one semi-official, down from the Haltia nature center.
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June 2021, Solvallan uimaranta, Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland
Swimming (Water, Waterbody-Lake, Beach, Outdoor)

First swim of the season!
I've been lazy. Last year I swam every day during the summer, this year.... took to June 19 for the first swim!
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June 2021, Svartvikin uimaranta, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Swimming (Water, Outdoor, Waterbody-Lake, Beach)

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